spike the bouquet

Pavel Pin

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Ike: Tell me. When you get to the altar, do you spike the bouquet?
Maggie: Okay, you know what--
Ike: Well, I'm off.

What is the meaning of "spike the bouquet"?
Source: Runaway Bride 1999
  • dojibear

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    In the sport of American Football, after a runner has scored a touchdown (by carrying the ball past the goal line) and the play has ended, the runner sometimes celebrates. The celebration may be a little dance, or it may be throwing the ball very hard against the ground, so that it bounces high. That second one is called "spiking the ball" -- throwing it very hard against the ground as a victory celebration.

    In recent years, in professional football, players got carried away with these celebrations, and rules were made forbidding them.

    Ike is making a ridiculous suggestion: that Maggie will "spike" the bouquet of flowers to celebrate her "victory" of getting married.
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