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    Hello, my friends,

    I came across a sentence on FOX NEWS:

    "In addition to adding key food groups into your diet, it's important to subtract foods that cause a spike and corresponding crash in your blood sugar levels."

    This is an article taking about the way to deal with seasonal affective disorder in U.S.. Would you give me some advice on the meaning of spike? Thank you.
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    From the WR dictionary:

    Building, Rail Transporta naillike fastener, 3 to 12 in. (7.6 to 30.5 cm) long, for fastening together heavy timbers.
    something resembling such a nail, as a piece of metal sticking out of the heel and sole of a shoe for improving gripping power.

    • shoes having such metal parts on the heel and sole, as for playing baseball.

    • shoes having very high, slender heels that resemble spikes.
    a sudden increase or rise:
    a sharp spike in the unemployment statistics.
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    The applicable definition can be found in the WR dictionary (and other dictionaries, too, of course): "a sudden increase or rise." Is there something about the definition that confuses you?

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    In literal terms, a spike is a sharp pointed instrument. In mathematical terms, a spike is sudden rise, usually on a graph or in statistics, and usually followed by an equally dramatic fall so the line looks like a spike.

    Here is a picture of a spike on a graph: [​IMG]
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    Thanks for all your kind relies.
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    I check Collins and find one of the meanings associated with alcohol. I am confused that i might be a kind of disorder. Now it is clear. Thank you very much.

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