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Spiking is not the only pension-related abuse drawing scrutiny. Lawmakers from Washington state to New Jersey are taking steps to curb so-called double dipping, where government retirees go back to work on the public payroll while still collecting a pension, such as a New York school superintendent who earned $225,000 and also collected a $316,245 pension.

"Spiking" in the above context is Noun.
I look up "spike" in dictionary also a Noun.

My question is the difference meaning between "spiking" and "spike".
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    This is a very specific use of the word spike here. I found an article on wikipedia entitled 'pension spiking' which applies here. The verb form would be 'to spike'.

    I spiked my pension by getting a raise right before I retired.


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    No, you cannot. A spike refers either to a piece of metal or an increase in some quantity. Here the term "spiking" is referring to an action, namely, artificially raising one's salary before retirement to increase the pension payments. This is 'to spike a pension', so the gerund form is 'spiking'.


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    I look up "spike" in dictionary also a Noun.
    There is only one way I can think of to use spike as a noun. It is an object, usually made out of metal, shaped like a cone, and you can stab someone with it (picture).

    In this case, spiking is a gerund form of the verb to spike. Just like running / to run or talking / to talk. to spike (verb) in this case has a completely different meaning than spike (noun)
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