spin, roll and slide - joint movement

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In relation to arthrokinematics, motions of bone surfaces within the joints, does anyone know if these are the correct translations?

spin, roll and slide
rotación, bisagra y traslación

Thank you in advance
  • Pitxuflitos

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    Hello again! Uhmmm, it is getting more complicated by the minute! ;)

    Well, I've checked all my medical dictionaries and they seem to think tese terms aren't sufficiently medical so they proved useless.

    However, I don't agree with any of your three (sorry!) so I'll give you my options, and let us hope somebody else comes up with something or at least votes! :D

    I'm pretty sure about these two:
    roll - rodamiento (bisagra means hinge and would be used to describe the knee joint).
    slide - deslizamiento (traslaciónis to move from one place to another but does not specify it has to be sliding).

    Spin, I't not sure, perhaps "rotación sobre su propio eje" but, as I say, I do have doubts on this own, perhaps rotación on its own would also be correct... don't know :confused:
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