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Hi everybody,

I'm translating a text from a documentary about animals.

There's a viper hunting a "spiny mouse", does anybody know what spiny means in this context?
"Un topo fastidioso" doesn't have much sense.

Moreover I found a zoological translation for spiny but only related to ant-eater, spiny anteater becomes "istrice"...what could spiny mouse become?

Thanks in advance!
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    Topo spinoso, of course! :) Jokes apart, that's exactly what I found, there are several references, like:

    Con il nome di "topi spinosi" si indica un gruppo di roditori nord Africani che appartiene al genere Acomys.
    Le specie più diffuse in commercio sono:
    • A. cahirinus dimmidiatus ( “Arabian or Cairo Spiny Mouse”);
    • A. cahirinus cahirinus (“Egyptian Spiny Mouse”);
    • A. russatus (“Golden Spiny Mouse”).

    Ciao e buona giornata.
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