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  1. franknagy

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    This pair of words is another good example of exchaged consonants ["hangátvetés" as somebody has explained it to me in another thread].
    They mean the same but they are used differently in some fine meanings.
    Do you agree with the table below?

    Situations Köp Pök Example
    If somebody is ill. Yes No A végét járja, hiszen már vért köp.
    If somebody wants to insult a hated person. Yes No Szembeköpte az ellenőrt.
    To express disdain. No Yes Pökött egyet a porba.
    Ritual start of a work, using a tool having a wooden handle. Yes Yes A markába köpött/pökött.
  2. Olivier0 Senior Member

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    Köp is the modern word, I think it can be used in all context and also has more derived meanings, like "quickly give out", "betray accomplices".
    -- Olivier
  3. francisgranada Senior Member

    I agree with Olivier0 and I probably wouldn't use pökni in any situation today.
  4. Zsanna

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    Pök exists according to the Értelmező Szótár and it is marked as the "népies" form of köp.

    I only read it in Romhányi's poem, A pék pókja, about the spider and there it was used in a humorous, euphemistic style in my opinion.

    "Félt a péppel pepecselő pék,/hogy odapök/a pók/illetve a liszttel/hintett púpos pépre tisztel."

    Never heard it in normal, everyday conversation, though.
  5. franknagy

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    I cannot compete with "the rhyme vomiting" rímhányó Romhányi but I add two more example for the both forms".

    The old trams had tables hanging from the ceiling: "Köpködni tilos."
    Somebody was inspired and wrote the following verse:
    "Budapesti villamos, padlóra köpni tilos,
    én ezen csak röhögök és a plafonra köpök."

    The sea serpent word monster created for the locomotive in the time of the language renewal:
    "távlöködészeti füstpöködönc".
    Much longer than the "mozdony" but its 3 dactyles clatter:
    - U U | - U U | - U U | - U U | -.

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