spoil/undermine/jeopardize...Can they overlap?


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I know these three words "spoil, jeopardize and undermine" and I was wondering if they can be used interchangeably in this (and maybe others) sentence:

"That company is going to try to spoil/jeopardize/undermine the project by any means, because they are very interested in taking it for themselves; it is a real good project"

As a non-native it is kind of difficult to me to differenciate these three words, for, in my opinion, they could overlap in meaning sometimes, but I am not quite sure.

Thanks in advance!
  • Beryl from Northallerton

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    Where did you find this sentence, loureed64? Is it an English test?

    ADDED: A few moments taken informing yourself as to what is meant by source in this forum will save hours of speculative ramblings. Please do not post again without the requested source.
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    Hello Beryl,

    As I remarked in a previous post, the source is MYSELF, it is a sentence I thought of. I often do that to know the difference among certain words, as in the case of this thread: spoil, jeopardize and undermine.

    I do this very often, all the time actually, just to get the little nuance there are among similar words.

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