spoiled - accustomed


english-united states of america
Quiero decir, ¨You have spoiled me. I have grown accustomed to you calling me everyday!¨

Se puede decir algo así, ¨Tu me has mimado. Cada día estoy acostumbrado de oir tu voz!¨

I know the translation is not right, but I do not know how to use ¨spoiled¨and ¨accustomed¨ in the colloquial tense. Thanks!
  • bat_factor

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    Spanish (European)
    "Spoiled" can also be translated as "malcriado". Those sentences would then be something like this:

    "Me has malcriado. ¡Me he acostumbrado a que me llames todos los días!"

    Hope this helps. :)
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