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I ask you how "Spor la ..." could be translated into English in expressions like Spor la învățat! Spor la lucru! Spor la redactat! etc. etc.

Google translates "Good luck with studying!" (for the first example), but it does not seem that such actions are about "luck".

I peeked here and I understand that it can't be a fixed expression.
How would a parent address his or her child who is going through an examination period? Is May your study be good! a current expression ?:confused:
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    De drept și de fapt, expresii precum:
    Good luck/best of luck (to you) with the exam!
    Wishing you all the best in your new career!
    You'll be amazing /great today in class!

    sunt cam echivalente și reprezintă/sunt folosite ca urări de success.

    Mare atenție cu intonația la Good Luck! pentru că împreună cu contextul poate fi interpretată mai rău decât o ironie:
    Mi-am propus să slăbesc 10 kg...
    Good luck with that! adică "Asta s-o crezi tu!"


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    1.'Happy studying' can either work.
    2. Considering that studying is working, we may say 'Good luck with the work...' (that you are doing).