sporadic violence

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    I'd say:

    عنف متفرقة

    I'd say that's definitely right.. I've heard it in the news, usually in the phrase "أعمال عنف متفرقة..." ("...despite sporadic violence")


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    I think you'll find it is feminine. Googling confirms this - 37 results for عنف متفرق and 17,200 for عنف متفرقة
    Hehe, the google results you are talking probably say:

    أعمال عنف متفرقة , so the متفرقة here refers to أعمال and notعنف

    عنف by itself is masculine, and hence, when you write sporadic violence by itself, it's عنف متفرق


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    It is masculine. Putting the terms in quotation marks does not exclude results where the word أعمال precedes the two words. :)
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