Sport fans as a "Fanatic or "Dogmatic" or "Passionate" or...


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I wonder if you help me to tell the following choices apart helping me to choose the best word in the following blank:
--- He is really a…………Barcelona’s football fan
a) fanatic
b) dogmatic
b) zealous
c) passionate
[I have written this example myself]
[Bringing up this question I am going to distinguish the differences between these words in usage. Actually I have read all of the definitions and relative threads but anyway I do not know what is their exact Persian equivalent!]
[Here are all of my takings from many articles regarding this topic:
- Fanatic: someone who likes a particular thing or activity very much
- Dogmatic: someone who is dogmatic is completely certain of their beliefs and expects other people to accept them without arguing
- Zealous: someone who is zealous does or supports something with great energy
- Passionate: if you are passionate about something, you like it a lot]
[Accordingly I think the best choices are “c” and “d”; anyway I am not sure whether in this concept these two choices are interchangeable or not? Meanwhile I doubt whether “b” and “c” work here or not?]
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    A) you could say if you made it fanatical. Though using fanatical and fan in the same sentence is not good style.
    B) you would not usually use in the exact context here. I would keep it for matters of religion/philosophy/ strong beliefs. Sure, football might seem like this, but the word doesn't really fit.
    C) is a bit like B, only it denotes more enthusiasm where dogma suggests a fixed view.
    D) would be my pick out of these, but I agree C could be used.


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    I would only use D. I feel zealous is (i) as suzi br says and (ii) is usually associated with doing something active to further a cause or project, which is not quite the province of the fan who merely passively* hopes and lives the moment.

    *Yes, he may shout and jump up and down but, basically, he is watching a football match.
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