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My question is whether this term is only a BE term or it's also used by AE speakers. If it's not: Is there any other colloquial way of saying the same thing in AE?

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    In contemporary AE, a "jock" is anyone who practices a sport with a high degree of dedication or who is actively interested in physical fitness; it can be used somewhat derogatorily to suggest that someone is "all muscle and no brains."
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    But I think in AE the term would be "sports jock," not "sport jock." And since a "jock" is someone dedicated to and active in "sports," either "sport" or "sports" would be redundant. One could extend the term, perhaps facetiously, into other areas to which a person might be dedicated and expert, such as "arts jock" or "economics jock," but a "sports jock" is just a "jock."


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    I wouldn´t say it was a BE term. I would associate a sports jock either with a Scottish sports player or sports jock straps! :)
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