sport - outfit what you are sporting

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In the sentence "That's a very fetching outfit what you are sporting today!
Do you think "to sport" means "lucir" in Spanish? It's the first time I come across with this sense of the verb "to sport".
If I'm wrong, please tell me what the translation would be because I can't think of any other.
Thank you.
  • Andoush

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    Spanish (Argentina)
    ¡Bienvenido al foro, Kuini!
    Una de las acepciones del verbo "to sport" es:

    • 1 [with object] wear or display (a distinctive or noticeable item): he was sporting a huge handlebar mustache
    Quisiera agregar que hay una falta de sintaxis en la oración en inglés que debería decir "that" en lugar de "what".
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