1. yuechu Senior Member

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    Bonjour !

    I was wondering how to say "spray pesticide" in French. Would it be "vaporiser" or "pulvériser" du pesticide? (Is there much difference between these two verbs?)
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  2. Garoubet Senior Member

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    We say pulvériser; that means to transform into very fine droplets.
    Vaporiser is used for vapors as for inhaling for instance.
  3. Cléa715 Member

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    Pulvériser !
  4. yuechu Senior Member

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    Merci pour votre aide, Garoubet et Cléa715 ! :)
  5. jetset

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    Actually both are correct. we use un pulvérisateur insecticide or vaporisateur insecticide.
    To add to Garoubet's explanation, the pesticide can either be water or powder ("Un pulvérisateur est un engin agricole (ou horticole) destiné à pulvériser des produits sur les cultures sous forme de poudre ou de liquide."). Pulvériser (ici) : répandre de manière uniforme un solide pulvérulent ou un liquide en le projetant sous pression sous forme de fines particules. Synon. vaporiser.
  6. yuechu Senior Member

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    Merci, jetset !
  7. yuechu Senior Member

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    Someone also sent me the following message. I think it can help others who are also looking to translate this phrase.

    "Actually a very neutral verb used by professionals is "épandre" with the corresponding noun "épandage". You can google "épandage des pesticides" and you will find a high number of occurrences."
    Thanks for everyone's help! :)

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