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The highlight of the school spring season is our Arts Festival. It's a great evening of families spending time with one another, of students showing off their skills and ideas, and of parents and teachers proudly looking on.
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Dear Sir/Ma'am
With reference to the above sentences, could you let me know
which the underlined words are between gerunds and present participles ?

I think spending is adjective/present participle because it modifies noun time.
showing and looking is gerund.

Am I right?
  • A gerund is a verb form, used in the same way as a noun.
    Sometimes a gerund is called a verbal noun.

    Evening is, as Suehil points out, a noun, not formed from the verb, even.
    Correction, for etymology enthusiasts: evening is a verbal noun formed from the noun even, meaning the latter part of the day.
    It means the drawing on of even.