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    Hola, hablando de clases de excavación y la instalación de soportes de roca a qué se refiere con "Sprayed concrete above springline"?? sé lo primero, pero no tengo idea lo que es el Springline....gracias
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    Esto te ayudará o acabará contigo :p
    Spring line settlements occur where a ridge of permeable rock lies over impermeable rock there will be a line of springs along the boundary between the two layers. It sometimes happens that a sequence of spring line (or springline) settlements will grow up around these springs. In each case to build higher up the hill would have meant difficulties with water supply; to build lower would have taken the settlement further away from useful grazing land or nearer to the floodplain. Spring line villages are notable for having long, narrow parish boundaries - stretching right to the top of the ridge and down to the river but being narrow in the direction of the adjacent villages.
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    I get the reference to springline settlements but find your English about the boundaries a bit confusing. The settlements cluster below a contour - and follow the springline. Often there isn't much of a river because the underlying geology involves permeable rock which is why the settlements follow the springline in the first place.

    Getting to the grist of the thread - aún nadie ha propuesto una traducción. ¿Acaso funcionaría linea de veneros?
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    Yo lo traduzco como "Línea de Elasticidad", según lo que aparece en este enlace: http://books.google.cl/books?id=DG9...Bg#v=onepage&q="línea de elasticidad"&f=false
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    Parece referirse a manantiales y vertientes, más que a resortes y elasticidad.
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    Funny how old threads re surface isn't it? Reflecting on this, I suspect the discussion about springline settlements, while interesting, is a bit of a red herring. I think it has much more to do with setting out measurements when you are building a building. Here's a reference to upper and lower spring lines. It also seems to be a specialised piece of plumbing vocabulary referring to a pipe's diameter or its centreline. Search for spring line in this pdf of sewer building specs for examples. A brief bit of searching around the net shows the word written into plumbing and building codes across much of the US. Here's a nice pdf diagram which shows the springline quite clearly.
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    Hallo Belfiore:
    En excavación de túneles para cualquier propósito, springline corresponde a la línea donde la parte superior curvada de la labor se encuentra con las paredes del mismo, también se conoce como arranque.
    See you
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    Tienes razón, Sethi I, voy a usar Arranque, gracias!!!

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