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  1. consultative Senior Member

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    I have some doubts on the use of 'spur sby on' meaning 'drive'. Could you please check whether the following sentence is correct?

    Broad European consensus on the heinous nature of human rights violations outside the European border alone does not spur Member States on launching /to launch an ESDP mission to repress them.

  2. hillybilly Senior Member

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    In this context one wouldn't use "spur on" but "spur into (doing something)"
    ...spur Member States into launching...
  3. consultative Senior Member

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    Thank you very much!!
  4. scorpio1984 Senior Member

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    Could you give me some examples with "spur sb on", please??
  5. donbill

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    With all due respect, hilbilly, I have never heard or used "spur into". I have, on the other hand,I have heard and used "spur on". This could be a difference between AmE and BrE.

    I would say, for example.

    spur someone on to attempt something
    spur someone on to try harder
    spur someone on to higher levels of achievment

    someone was spurred on by his fear of failure
    someone was spurred on by love for his family

    Saludos from another hillbilly

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