Spypost and Listeningpost

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    Yesterday it was something like: "spypost in Berlin" but today UK newsrooms have (in unison) watered their headlines down to: "listeningpost in Berlin"

    I am getting background on "Listening post" but nothing on the origin of "spy post" "spy-post" or "spypost" - though "spy post" is showing up on that ngram thingy!

    Anyone got any further thoughts as to when the word: "spypost" etc was first used, and why it seemingly has not made it into a dictionary anywhere?
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    I know nothing about the reason for that word's absence in dictionaries, but I can't help suspecting that the sudden change from spy(ing) to listening is due to the wish to cause less irritation to the...listening Power, by using less 'offensive' headlines.

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