square up to the object

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Hola foreros,

Ok, this phrase has me completely stumped! Here is the context:

To prevent back strain, always use the proper lifting technique. Square up to the object, bend at the knees, keep back straight when lifting or lowering any object, and hold the object as close to the body as possible.

I understand that "square up to" in this case means to face the object directly, with your body in a straight line, but I have no idea how to say that phrase in Spanish. Que me sugieren?

Muchas gracias!!

  • genine

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    I have a question regarding 'square up' in this context (in instructions for performing an exercise). But what if the person just says 'Square up' which is 'stand facing forward' but 'square up' here gives the impression that you want them to stand up nice and straight, that you want them to stand tall and not slouch, shoulders back, etc... Here's the sentence:
    Pull the bar up using the torso and hips and then square up.
    Here's my intent:
    Jala la barra hacia arriba con el torso y las caderas y luego párate frente.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
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