'squarely within' the Cold War logic ....

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Trang Vivy

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Hi everyone,
Please help me figure out the meaning of "squarely within" in this below sentence:
"Although squarely within the Cold War logic of attempting to foster an alternative to revolutionary Marxism, most of Ford's academic grants did not betray a strong right-wing bias—Latin American students were sent to a wide range of U.S. universities, and funding for graduate departments was provided to diverse Latin American universities, including large public ones with left-leaning reputations."
This sentence comes from the book Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. I'm trying to learning English by reading and I'm kinda confused at the meaning of this sentence.
Thanks in advance for your help!
  • owlman5

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    To say "although squarely within the Cold-War logic of attempting,..." is to say "Although it was completely in accordance with the Cold-War logic of attempting..." Or: "Although it was in complete agreement with the Cold-War logic of attempting..."
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