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Chinese - Mandarin
When I step my foot on a ping pong ball,

1, The ball is squashed down.
2, The ball is squashed flat.
3, The ball is squashed down flat.

Can I say the three sentences above? Thanks.
  • Hau Ruck

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    English - U.S.
    You could, but I'd more likely use the word 'crushed.'

    For whatever reason (I don't know exactly why) I usually say something is squashed if it has some liquid at all, and 'crushed' if it is more of a dry thing. (AmE perspective, other dialects of English may differ - this is only my perspective.)

    I would 'crush' a ping pong ball.
    If I stepped on a jelly fish, I would say that it 'squished' under my foot.
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