Squash vs Crush

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What's the difference between squash and crush?

for example:

I have put a heavy book ob the crumbled paper to squash or crush it flat.
My cake got crushed or squashed in the bag.

  • Alby84

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    "I put a heavy book on top of the crumpled (wrinkled) paper to flatten it (out)" is the construction I would use in the first sentence. I'm assuming in this context that you mean that the piece of paper is wrinkled rather than a crumpled up wad of paper.

    "My cake got squashed in the bag" is what I would use for the second example, although, crushed would not be technically wrong.

    Crush seems to be used a lot more with objects that are hard or idiomatically and squash tends to be used more with objects that could be considered "squishy" in my opinion.
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