"Squat a bit please." (taking a photo, so that I can see the man's face behind the listener )


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I was taking a photo for a group of friends/colleagues. They are standing in two lines. A man's face could not be seen fully. So I asked the guy in front of him to be down a bit and I said "Squat a bit please."

I am wondering if the part in bold is natural. Does it sound rude if I speak to people I am not quite familiar with. Thank you.
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    If there are only in two lines, you should either ask the obstructing person to move left or right – Could you move a little left/right, please? – or you should have that person and the person behind swap positions – Could you change places, please?

    I wouldn't use "Squat" in any form – not only is it fairly impolite, but your final photo will show that person in an awkward posture if he follows your order.


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    You could possibly ask "Could you crouch down a bit, please", but I agree with Copyright: I certainly wouldn't use "squat".


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    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. :)

    To keep this post relevant, I think any posture that is held by one person alone is going to make that person stand out – the opposite of what you want.
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