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A Republican in an overwhelmingly liberal-leaning city ,facing an incumbent Democractic mayor who had left him gasping for campaign dollars four years earlier, Mr.Giuliani needed to do more than merely galvanize oters weary of crime, squeegee men and scandal at City Hall.
( Lhota's Wife Brings Experience as a Fund Raiser to His Mayoral Campaign, NY Times Oct,8 th,2013)

Hi, eveyrone!

I don't understand the meaning of "squeegee" here? I am puzzle by it. Can you explain to me?

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    A squeegee is an instrument for cleaning windows. A "squeegee man" is a sort of beggar—you can see an image here—who runs up to people's cars when they've stopped at an intersection and "cleans" the windshield (whether it's dirty or not) and then asks for money. There were many of them in New York a few years ago; drivers were very annoyed and wanted the city government to do something about it.
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