squeeze a coca cola can

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Hi everybody,

What dou you say for a squeezed coca cola can?

"Don't squeeze the can! It will ..."
"Don't hit the door of the car with a hammer! It will .."
I dont know the word to continue the sentence in above situation.

What do you say for the shape of flabby things that is not flawless anymore. like example i gave (squeezed can, hit car door)

Feel free to correct all the sentences I write if you find any error :)


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    I would use different words.

    These days a soda can is so soft that if you squeeze it, it will be crushed. Here is a picture.

    A car door will be dented if you hit it with a hammer. Here is a picture.

    The different verbs are used for the different amount of damage shown in the pictures. You might dent a can if you didn't squeeze it very much. A car might be crushed if a truck hits it.


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    Another word for the state of the can is "crumpled". You might crumple a piece of paper, and you can do the same to one of those thin metal soda cans. A car would have to be in a very serious accident in order to be crumpled.


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    Note that "Coca Cola" is a registered trademark of the Coca Cola Company and as such, should be capitalized.

    If you're referring generically to such cans, you can say "soft drink," "soda" or whatever.

    Some people call all soft-drink cans "Coke" cans, but one should know the difference.
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