squeeze a shilling until it begged for mercy

Alex Coseff

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please, could you tell me if I got right the following bit in bold: does it possibly suggest that Wanda knew how to get money from peple (i.e. the leadership) and would do her utmost even though she would stoop to "begging for" it? (i.e. which some peple might find humiliating?)
Many thanks.

G.M.MAllliet: Wicked autumn
".....Wanda, hyperorganized and energetic as she was, saved us from that. Plus, she knew how to squeeze a shilling until it begged for mercy, and that is a good quality for someone in that role. In particular, the people over at Totleigh Hall had expressed no interest in seizing the reins, as they would have done in the old days..............."
  • JamesM

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    I would take it to mean that she was the ultimate "penny-pincher". I think she was a woman who could make a small amount of money go very far through frugal purchases and hard bargaining.


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    The shilling is doing the begging, Alex, not Wanda. Wanda could squeeze value out of a shilling the way one squeezes juice out of an orange or toothpaste out of a tube. She could exert so much pressure on the poor coin that it would beg for mercy. She knew how to scrimp and save.

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