squeeze in a hump


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can anyone help me with this:

a girl talking about her sexual adventures: ... but I still manage to squeeze in a hump or two...

can you rephrase this please?
  • MrJamSandwich

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    hump = sexual intercourse
    It's not in common use in British slang, but I think it also functions as a verb:
    to hump = to have sexual intercourse

    shag / to shag work in exactly the same way, in case you were wondering!


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    Well at the risk of looking like the resident humping expert, I'll answer this question as well...

    The lyric you are referring to is "My humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps." "Humps" and "lady lumps" are referring to "breasts" here, though I believe "humps" can also mean "butt". Needless to say these are all very slang terms!