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    Hello foreros!

    I'm translating a short meeting agenda that lists the presentation to be given in one column and then in the second column the mr. or ms. that is to give it. Can I put:

    Asunto Sra. Fulana

    or does it HAVE to be: La Sra. Fulana.

    ¡¡Gracias de antemano!!
  2. Padmee Member

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    It's the first option :)

    It would be LA Sra. Fulana if the sentece continued, but if you just have to put the name it's without the article
  3. Lau17 Senior Member

    Actually "Asunto" is used to describe the main issue or subject when you're addressing a letter or paper to someone.

    - Sra. Fulana (without the "la")
    - Por Sra. Fulana
    - Presentado por Sra. Fulana


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