Stałam pod blokiem


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Hi everybody !

Somebody sent me this poem, I think it's in polish but I really can't understand what it says. Could anybody give me the sense in english or french please ?

Stałam pod blokiem
Szła baba z kokiem,
Zmierzyłyśmy się oczami
I futrami.
i cofłyśmy.Thank you very much !!!
  • UrieL84

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    I was standing by the block
    a woman with topknot was walking by
    we gave ourselves a once-over ( we measured each other with eyes)
    and furs ( it makes more sense if you read the more direct translation from polish in the upper paranthesis )
    we got mad
    and backed away.

    I hope that helped. Someone used a very colloquial language in this poem.