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Salve a tutti..Come tradurreste l'espressione "sta a te"? ad esempio "la scelta sta a te" nel senso che una certa cosa dipende dal tuo personale modo di pensare

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    Un'altra domanda.
    È possibile dire:
    le scelte stanno a te
    la scelta sta a voi
    le scelte stanno a voi

    In questo contesto, quando vedi la parola "sta" state pensando di "is" o "stay"?
    The choice is with you.
    The choice stays with you.


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    In questo contesto, quando vedi la parola "sta" state pensando di "is" o "stay"?
    My useless opinion:

    I view it as, sort of like the expression the ball's in your court (not meaning-wise) but there is a decision / choice, that is like an object one has to have or deflect, the person who "has it", the person who it "is on" has the responsibility to make the decision.

    Like if you have 3 people (A,B,C) and D looks at all of them and says to B sta a te decidere! (an expression that seems to be common) it's like it is on/with them, like D wrapped up the responsibility and threw it to B, who now holds/has it and is the only one that can make the decision, so I personally think (maybe because of my warped judgement based on being a native English speaker, I don't know) but I view it in that way, where sta represents the fact of it being in the "possession" of the person whose choice it is.


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    Thanks guys.

    That's sometimes an issue for me in Spanish and Italian as to which "is" do I use.

    I could imagine a situation in which the "thought" is "the decision that you need to make needs to stay (ristare/stare) with you" or the more simple way of thinking about it - "the decision is yours".

    But to quote Bill Clinton, "It depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is.":D

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