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Could anyone tell me what "staff functionary" means here? Sometimes, the same phrase can also be found in some HR books.

At the height of the media criticism, Catholic Citizens of Illinois staged a rally on the steps of Holy Name cathedral-a rally that was very nearly aborted by an officious female staff functionary working at the Cathedral who wanted to move it to a back room adjacent to the church. Catholic Citizens refused to agree to the move. As result, the media saw a free-forming grassroots movement of Catholics supporting the prelate. The functionary stalked away with evident anger.

  • maxiogee

    It is, I think, a cover-all term to mean any staff member - doing any job whatsoever. It means that the writer knows the woman was a member of the Cathedral staff, but they don't know what her position was.
    Also, 'functionary' is a somewhat dismissive term as it carries overtones of just filling a position without bringing any personal qualities to the post.
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