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Hi there,
I'm translating an article about a naturalist photographer and he is talking about how important it is to not disturb the animals he is photographing.
The sentence is:
Se c'è questa esigenza occorre munirsi di scatto radiocomandato, piccola videocamera che trasmette a distanza le immagini del nido, un solido cavalletto, qualche staffa, le ottiche giuste e la consapevolezza di dover lavorare da lontano, senza arrecare il minimo disturbo.

I've got most of the terms, I think:

If it's really necessary, you need to use a radio-controlled shutter release, a small camcorder that transmits the images of the nest at a distance, a solid tripod, some staffe, the right optical system/lenses and the awareness that you will have to work at a distance/far away, without disturbing/bothering the animal in the slightest.”

It's just a rough translation that needs sorting - but any idea what "staffe" are? Thanks for any suggestions,

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