Staging area


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Me hago una idea de lo que quiere decir "staging area" pero no puedo pasarlo a castellano... ¿sugerencias?

"A staging area is a temporary location where military units, aircraft and warships plus their matériel are assembled ahead of an attack or invasion. In former times this used to be generally the border area of ones own country, but in recent wars (Gulf War, Kosovo, Iraq War) it may also be the border area of another unrelated country granting access.
It is also the area designated for setting up parades and other elaborate presentations.
It is also the area where final assembly is done on space vehicles before they are moved out to their launch pad."
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    mmm, quiza en tu caso sería algo parecido al "area temporal de reagrupación de tropas" (acantonamiento no suena muy bien por lo menos para el español de Argentina)
    puede ser?