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    Qualcuno può aiutarmi a capire la differenza tra stakeholders e shareholders?
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    Per commercio, usualmente non c'è una differenza.
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    Shareholder = azionisti.

    Stakeholders is a broader group, including shareholders, employees, creditors, the community, etc. Stakeholder is any group that is impacted by the actions of a company.
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    Shareholders are a subset of stakeholders. Shareholders own shares of a company, usually entitling them to vote on certain issues (such as election of the board of directions) and to receive dividends that the board declares.

    Stakeholders is a more general term meaning groups that "have a stake" (an interest) in the firm's undertakings. For example, employees are considered a stakeholder group, even though they often do not explicitly own shares of the company, because their continued employment and compensation is "at stake" as a result of the company's action. The residents of communities in which a company operates may also be stakeholders (they would, for instance, have a stake in whether the company complies with anti-pollution regulations).

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