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Where transit centres provide temporary accommodation for population en route to a further location, they can stall due to a lack of capacity to receive populations at the end of their journey.

What is meant by "stall" here? Do they mean that the accommodation of these populations in the transit centers can be longer due to the lack of capacity to...?
Source: Site planning for transit centres
  • Barque

    Their working can get stalled (can be impeded/be unable to continue properly) if there are a lot of people coming there who are the end of their journey, rather than on their way elsewhere.

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    Hi Koky7. It's the meanings in the WR dictionary here.
    2. to bring to a standstill;

    17. check the progress or motion of, esp. unintentionally.
    to be delayed, impeded, or interrupted: [no object] Once again contract talks have stalled

    20. to come to a standstill;
    be brought to a stop.
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