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Discussion in 'English Only' started by nesitac, May 2, 2006.

  1. nesitac New Member

    Spanish. Colombia
    I would like to know the difference between stammering and sttutering, or in which cases should I use them... Thank you very much...: )

    Let me know if I made or worte any mistakes.... :p
    See you around....
  2. virtdave Senior Member

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    Stammer means to speak with involuntary pauses or repetitions; stutter means more or less the same, but technically refers to involuntary repetition of the first syllable of a word. I think in practice, you could use either one with c..c....c..confidence, when referring to speech. In some sports, you may see the term stutter-step used to mean an intentionally jerky gait, typically to confuse one's opponent.

    Your initial question is without mistakes, but you should write:

    Let me know if I made or wrote any mistakes.....
  3. nesitac New Member

    Spanish. Colombia
    Thank you, I´ve just edited my first post..... So May I say that the first one The pauses are in the whole word? something like :) Thank you!!!
  4. Joelline

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    A very subjective response: when I think of someone stuttering, I am thinking of someone who repeats initial (and sometimes other) syllable of a word: m..m...m..math..m...m....matics. When I think of someone stammering, I think of repetitons of whole words, broken by verbal pauses: Um, well, ah, yes, um, well, I, um, ah, suppose, that is, um, I would think that, um, er, one might, uh, say, that.
  5. nesitac New Member

    Spanish. Colombia
    I think I got it, thanks, for all the explanations, This way I´ll improve my English a lot!!!!.... Thank you again....

  6. amby Banned

    I am not sure if ' stammer' or' stutter' could be the correct word in the following situation.

    If you are too embarassed, you cannot speak as well as you do and then,you start stammering.
    You may want to make good excuse when your girlfriend found out that you had told her a lie. Then, you start stammering or stuttering.
  7. amby Banned

    Are you saying both words are incorrect? Then, what is the right word that descrives what I intend to say?
  8. ewie

    ewie Senior Member

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    I'd use stammering for both those, Amby:):thumbsup:

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