stand a bit of dying


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“I remember,” said Yronwood. “Hungerford, Straw, that lot. Some of them weren’t so bad for sellswords. Others, well, might be they could stand a bit of dying. What of them?”

Excerpt From
A Dance with Dragons

Context: Hungerford, Straw, and “others” are mercenaries/sellswords

Hi. What does the bold part mean?
Thank you.
  • Barque

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    You could read it as They could do with a bit of dying, meaning death is something that would be good for them.


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    Since he compares them to others who he says "weren't so bad for sellswords", it seems to suggest something derogatory. But LC's interpretation is possible. Perhaps Thetazuo will provide more background.


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    To me it means the speaker didn't think much of them. Whether they lived or died he didn't care, but if some of them died at least he would have less of them, the bad type, to deal with.
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