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What is the meaning of "stand-up comic"?
I was listening to a tape, and I could figure out this sentence.

The more our overworking takes over, the more we make Scrooge look like a stand-up comic.
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    Remember to check for your terms in the dictionary before posting. From the Word Reference dictionary (at the top of the page):
    1 a comedian.

    2 (of a comedian) performing by standing in front of an audience and telling jokes. ■ (of comedy) performed in such a way.


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    A "stand-up comic" is a comic (comedian) who performs on stage, standing up, by himself or herself.

    Without more context or a link to the source (can you provide them?), I'm not sure exactly what this means, but I think it's a reference to Scrooge in A Christmas Carol by Dickens. He is not written as a humorous character, but if some of his characteristics are exaggerated and we see them through 21st-century eyes, he can become one.
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