standard keyboard works


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'Ses récitals embrassent un mélange éclectique des oeuvres classiques de clavier à côté des oeuvres insolites.'
En anglais, 'standard keyboard works'. Y a-t-il un mot au lieu de 'classique' qui inclurait toute l'étendu de l'histoire de musique, y compris les oeuvres du vingtième siècle?
  • This is a tricky one. First the easy bit. 'Clavier' is 'keyboard', and it includes harpsichord, virginal, spinet, clavichord and organ as well as piano.

    Musical purists would regard 'classical' as being restricted to composers such as Mozart and Haydn, but not Bach or Rameau (who were baroque) or Debussy or Elgar (who were romantic). But most people nowadays would use the term 'classical' to include all the above composers as well as others ranging from Lassus and Victoria to Poulenc, Messiaen, John Cage and George Benjamin. They would not, however, normally include jazz or rock under that heading.

    'Classic' does not, however, necessarily imply 'classical'. It tends to be used to mean something like 'renowned' or 'paradigmatic'. So, in BE at least, I think the best translation for what is required here could be 'classic keyboard works' - it would encompass all periods and genres of keyboard music. (In BE the adjective 'standard' is more often used to refer to jazz than to classical music).
    Thank you for your considered reply. I'm sorry I've confused you be beginning with the French...I'm actually translating from English. 'His recitals are an eclectic mix of standard works for the keyboard mixed with unusual and less frequently performed works taken from the peripheries of the repertoire.' Is 'classique' the best French translation of 'standard' in this context? Your thoughts in this direction are much appreciated!
    'Ses récitals embrassent un mélange éclectique d'oeuvres classiques de clavier(/piano?) à côté d'oeuvres insolites.'

    classiques me semblent être la meilleure traduction, même si le mot possède effectivement un sens un peu large.

    "'Ses récitals sont un mélange éclectique de standards pour clavier/piano et d'oeuvres moins connues empruntées au répertoire périphérique ..." me parait correct également ... Peut-être un peu péjoratif ...