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Barcelona, Spain -Spanish, Catalan

Someone has revised and corrected an didactic planning on literature by me. This is the remark given at the end:

Surely, by the standards of your unit 16 you have no worries at all for lack of time in redoing them as this unit is a very good text.

I´m not sure if what he´s saying is that since my work is very long - which it might mean that I´ve got plenty of time- I am supossed not to be problems with time to revise it in order to modify or shorten it.
Am I right?

Thanks for attending this message. Frank.BCN
  • CanalGirl

    Panama; English & Spanish
    God, oh God! Such poor English!

    This is my understanding of what the person wrote:

    Your text is very good. For that reason you will not need much time to revise it.

    But I may be 100% off.
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