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I need the help of a native speaker, please.
I have to fill in a form to apply for a job and there is a question I cannot understand:

What are you starches?

This question is asked in the personality section.
On the internet I only found that starch is rice or potato...
I think it could mean weaknesses or strengths, but which one ? I have no idea...
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    A la rigueur on peut imaginer un client dans un restaurant demander au garçon "What are your starches?" pour savoir le choix qu'il aurait entre pommes de terre, riz, pâtes, couscous, etc.

    Mais dans le contexte donné cela ne marcherait pas. Ne s'agirait-il pas d'une coquille ?


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    Are you certain that is what is written? This makes no sense at all. Is the form itself written by a native speaker?
    Actually it is exactly written:
    "specify your starches."
    The previous question is How would you describe yourself?

    I don't think there could be a mistake because the form comes from a multinational corporation.


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    This is a bad translation from German Stärke. See the WRF German-English dictionary:

    Stạ̈rke die; Stạ̈rke, Stạ̈rken
    1. strength;

      (eines Motors) power;
      (einer Glühbirne) wattage
    2. (Dicke) thickness;
      (Technik) gauge;
    3. (zahlenmäßige Größe) strength;
    4. (besondere Fähigkeit, Vorteil) strength;
      jmds. Stärke/nicht jmds. Stärke sein be sb.'s forte/not be sb.'s strong point;
    5. (Intensität) strength;
      (von Sturm, Schmerzen, Abneigung) intensity;
      (von Frost) severity;
      (von Lärm, Verkehr) volume;
    6. (organischer Stoff) starch


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    De fait starch : l'amidon ne fait que durcir le linge donc le renforce? non?
    Où est l'erreur? Point fort? Point barre?
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    Voici ce que dit mon dico americain :
    starches : (fig)stiffness of manner or character : the starch in her voice.
    Could it be what one is uncomprimising about? In which circumstances would you be unflexible?
    Just a guess
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