stark amid a thicket of salmonberry with the trunks of


A man digs a hole and buries pieces of dead animals in it, then:

He fills the hole, and as he leaves it, a mound of earth and muscle, stark amid a thicket of salmonberry with the trunks of spruce falling back all around it...

I can not visualize the scene. Earth and muscle with trunks of spruce fall on salmonberry's bushes? Or all these along with bushes spread all over the filled hole?
Many thanks for your help.
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    Here is how I read it:

    The mound stands starkly in the thicket. Apparently the ground was cleared to make the hole. The hole contains animal bodies. "Muscle" is a poetic reference to the bodies in the hole filled in with earth over the bodies: "A mound of earth and muscle."

    The mound is surrounded by salmonberry bushes in the immediate area. Beyond the immediate vicinity there are spruce trees, their trunks retreating into the distance all around.


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    Okay so:
    There is mound of dirt and dead animals.
    There are a lot of salmonberry bushes growing around the mound.
    There are also spruce trees growing above the bushes.

    I'm sort of confused by the verb used to describe the spruce trees, but that's how I see the scene. Can you provide the rest of the sentence and the one after it, just to be sure?


    Thank you.
    For xqby:
    The man digs the hole on a hill. There is forest on the footage and among other trees, there are spruce trees as well. Bushes are on the hill and all around the area. From that hill, he can see the property, the maisonette, shed, etc.
    The man, leaves in fact. The phrase continue:
    ...high above the property in the late evening, he feels removed from himself...
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