Start / start up / take up a new job


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Which is the difference between these sentences?

-I want to start a new job
-I want to start up a new job
-I want to take up ​a new job

What about the underlined part? Do all of these verbs mean the same thing? I think so, but I am not sure.
  • owlman5

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    "Start" sounds best to me, Paolo. "Take up" sounds possible but a little odd. I wouldn't use "start up" with "job". I sometimes hear people use the phrasal "start up" when a simple "start" would work. When they use it this way, they are usually talking about some kind of machine: I need to start up the lawnmower and mow the yard. = I need to start the lawnmower and mow the yard.


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    Out of all your sentences I think the first is most natural. It's simple and direct. Adding "up" to "start" is incorrect. "take up" and "job" sounds a bit weird to me, perhaps to someone else it is okay.
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