start targeted, strategic client outreach

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  1. spaniardpolo Senior Member

    Spanish (Spain)
    Hello again,

    Another tough sentence difficult to me to understand:

    'When ready, start targeted, strategic client outreach'

    ¿ Puede ser .... 'Cuando estés listo empieza convencido para lograr al cliente estratégico'

    Many thanks,
  2. chicanul Senior Member


    Could you give us a little context please?

  3. spaniardpolo Senior Member

    Spanish (Spain)
    Take the time up front to validate and refine your idea before looking for work. When ready, start targeted, strategic
    client outreach.

  4. micafe

    micafe Senior Member

    United States
    Spanish - Colombia
    "Cuando esté listo empiece estratégicamente a buscar al cliente que será su objetivo"

    A very difficult sentence to translate. I gave you the basic idea, I think. Maybe others will have a better translation.

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