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  1. Melikhovo Senior Member

    American English

    I was wondering how the translation would be for this hypothetical, English scenario:

    One night, you go to a bar to have a few drinks. While you're there, a "macho" guy tries to pick a fight with you. Normally, In English (at least in NYC where I'm from) you would say the guy "started" with you. My only attempts would be to say: "он ищет/искал подраться" or try and use подстрекать/подстрекнут however, the second variation might sound a little dumb. If anyone knows the most useful expression for this, that would be great.

  2. Maroseika Moderator

    Искать, с кем подраться is correct, but too bookish.
    Подстрекать is wrong because it means inciting smb. to do smth (with others), e.g. the girl of that macho could подстрекать him to start with you.
    I'd suggest such variants as приставать к кому-либо, задираться с кем-либо, набрасываться на кого-либо, нарываться на драку с кем-либо. Of course there is a lot of more colloquial and even rude expressions.
  3. theigel New Member


    You can say "искал драки" (not "искал подраться"), but it rather applies to a situation when a person continuosly looks for problems, not just single act of.

    I'd say "докопался (до меня)" или "прицепился (ко мне)" (rather weak, maybe he even didn't plan to fight, just did some bad talk), "стал нарываться (without subject)" (more aggressive), or "полез в драку (со мной or without subject)" (started fighting right away).

    Also, "наехал (на меня)". It's about the same level of aggression as нарываться, the difference being that when you нарываешься, you're generally looking for problems, and when you наезжаешь на somebody, you specifically don't like that person.
  4. Leyla_MSK New Member

    "он ищет/искал подраться" is incorrect, noone says so. U can say "подстрекать", but it's rarely used. I would suggest "он ищет/искал ПОВОД подраться со мной" - he is seeking/sought for a reason to fight with me or "он провоцирует/провоцировал меня на драку" - he is provoking/provked me to fight.
    You can also say "он нарывается/нарывался на драку" but it's a slang​ and it may also mean that maybe he doesn't it on purpose but act in such an iritating way that you do want to fight with him.
    Hope this helps.
  5. Maroseika Moderator

    I'm afraid подстрекать is absolutely wrong here. You cannot подстрекать smb. to fight with yourself, only to fight with smb. other.
  6. Leyla_MSK New Member

    Hmm...yes, I agree. "подстрекать" is inappropriate in the described situation.
  7. Ahu Lee Senior Member

    Moscow, RF
    Russian (Moscow)
    That's right.
    Also, +1 to the verb приставать. It's the first one that came to my mind with regard to that bar context.
  8. theigel New Member

    Приставать in a bar usually means one wants to have sex with smbd, not a fight ;-)
  9. Ahu Lee Senior Member

    Moscow, RF
    Russian (Moscow)
    Приставать можно по-разному. Все как всегда зависит от контекста -- кто и о ком говорит.
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  10. Garbuz Senior Member

    Действительно, зависит от контекста, и поэтому звучит двусмысленно. "Он пошел в бар, и там к нему пристал какой-то парень". Лет двадцать назад у меня не было бы сомнения, что речь идет о драке, но сейчас возможен и вариант сексуального домогательства. Поэтому я присоединяюсь к Leyla_MSK: стал провоцировать, начал искать повод для драки. Есть, конечно, масса всякого слэнга помимо этого.
  11. Christiano27

    Christiano27 Member

    Manchester, UK
    By the way, it is 'start ON someone' in British English. Start 'with' doesn't make any sense to me in this context.
  12. Melikhovo Senior Member

    American English
    Well if you read the thread close enough Christiano27, you'll read I'm from America. We speak a little different than you chaps.

    Vsem spasibo.

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