Starter calf/starter pig


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I'm trying to figure out a couple of agricultural terms: starter calf and starter pig. Would the following be correct: veau en sevrage and porc en sevrage? Merci d'avance!
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  • I believe these terms denote the type of animal bought by feed lot operations (ferme à l'engrais) to be fattened up for market (='finished').
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    "en sevrage" means the period he is being weaned; in general if it doesn't drink milk anymore, they are called "sevrés", and they go in "post-sevrage", specially for the pigs.
    A baby still drinking milk is called "under the mother", veau sous la mère; or for piglets:"cochon de lait".
    So what does "starter" mean exactly?
    "Starter" remembers me the food I used to give to piglets.
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