State Attorney, District Attorney, Attorney General

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    Hi everyone!

    Can someone tell me what is the difference between these three? Would Attorney General be at a federal level; State Attorney, at a state level? What would District Attorney be?


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    Attorney General = head legal officer of the government of a state or country

    State Attorney = prosecuting attorney that acts as a state's legal representative

    District Attorney = prosecuting officer of a judicial district, attorney responsible for representing the State in the district courts
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    Does anyone know how to say these in Spanish? I am trying to see which one of these three would be the best way to say "procuraduría general de justicia".

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    Attorney General: Procurador(a) General de Justicia de (una entidad geográfica o a nivel federal).

    State Attorney: Fiscal del Estado, involucrado con cuestiones exclusivamente de índole criminal, a diferencia del Procurador General, cuyo campo de acción es más amplio.

    District Attorney: En mi opinión, es aquel al que se le denomina "Agente del Ministerio Público".

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