state-of-the-nation commentary

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I am translating a summary for a show.
I looked online but didn't find any translation for the idiom "State-of-the-nation political commentary"

Here is the complete sentence : "it careens us through a grand drama of life, love, regret, violence, state-of-the-nation political commentary"
Here is what I got so far "[le spectacle] nous transporte à travers le grand drame de la vie : amour, regret, violence, l'état d'une nation ..?"

I think I don't understand what the author means...

Thank you in advance for any help ! Merci !

  • Keith Bradford

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    English (Midlands UK)
    Ici, "state-of-the-nation" est un adjectif qui qualifie "political commentary" Le spectacle nous propose des commentaires sur l'état actuel de la politique de (notre?) pays.
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