1. mar.de.dudas Senior Member

    Spain; Spanish
    1. Which one would you use when refering to the government?
    2. Should it go in capital letters or is it irrelevant?

    Thanks :)
  2. bean24 Member

    English, USA
    I'm pretty sure you should use State and that estate refers to property.
  3. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    State. If it is referred to with emphasis as the only one, then it is the State.

    An estate is a property of high value.
  4. mnewcomb71 Senior Member

    Detroit, MI
    USA - English
    An estate is not only property of high value, but also all of the assets owned by an individual...no matter the value.

    For example...an estate sale is a sale of the real property (furniture, etc.) of a person who has passed.
  5. mar.de.dudas Senior Member

    Spain; Spanish
    Thanks a lot!!! ;):)

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