[Statement/question], right?

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Is there like a Korean version of "[Statement/question], right?"
In English we say "It (the food) is good, right?" but in Korean do you say "맛있어요, 네?" It sounds Japanese but is that how it works?
  • Jgon

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    Does "..., 그치?" apply to a statement like "That's the guy you were talking about, right?"


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    It’s not a one-on-one relation between English and Korean. So I’d prefer using 맞어 over 그치 for the “right” here. They both seem to be okay, though .


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    이 음식 맛있네, 그렇지?
    이 음식 맛있어, 그치?
    (그치 is shortened/colloquial form of 그렇지)

    이 음식 맛있네요, 그렇죠? (Honorific)

    Or you can just say
    이 음식 맛있지?
    이 음식 맛있죠? (Honorific)

    The suffix -지/-지요(죠) indicates "isn't it?" or "right?"
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